I promised to create a tutorial how to make a simple lined pouch bag with zipper, one that you can use for cosmetic storage, for traveling or as a simple clutch bag. It all depends on a material that is used and details. Let’s start!

We need upper material and lining of 33 cm width and 66 cm length, 30 cm long zipper (plastic) and interfacing material (optional) to make upper material more rigid and two small squares for zipper ends (4×4 cm).  Finished bag has 30×32 cm. The seam allowance is set to 1,5 cm, because I chose a material that tends to fray.


I am using 100% cotton repp and I couldn’t stand the temptation to  leave it blank, so I printed some moons on it. After finishing the bag I also did some simple embroidery on it, but I certainly recommend to do it BEFORE completing the bag, it is so much easier.

At first we start with zipper ends. We need those two small squares. This operation is optional, but it looks better. We put the squares of fabric on a zipper ends, wrong side up. We sew right next to the zipper endings, so the endings would be actually hidden. We sew slowly so we wouldn’t break the needle and in difficult parts we can navigate the sewing machine by turning the machine pulley by hand. Then we turn the squares outwards.


We put the zipper right side toward right side of fabric on one edge (shorter side) so we can sew through 1 cm from the edge. We use the zipper foot to attach the zipper. Zipper foot leads the needle right next to the zipper teeth. We start in the middle of the square and continue with a small turn to the side fo zipper and end with a turn to the middle of square.


Then the fabric is folded with right sides in. The zipper is attached to the other edge of fabric the same way, right side of zipper is put on the right side of fabric and sewn.


Now we sew the sides of the bag. We sew 1,5 cm from the edge from the zipper end (not from the edge of fabric). Leave the zipper open before sewing both sides of bag! Zipper is a bit hard to open when inside out. You can cut the seam allowance with zig zag scissors, but it is not necessary.


Corners are next. This create the 3rd dimension of the bag – it is not just the flat pouch, it has the 3rd dimension. Lay the corners of the bag flat, so the edge is in the middle, on 45 degrees from both edges. Sew perpendicularly 2,5 cm from the tip of the corner. You can cut off the remaining material, but leave at least 5mm from the seam.


Now it is lining time. There are more ways how to attach lining. Add the shorter edge of lining to the seam with zipper and sew on 9mm from the edge (a bit less than the seam of the zipper). Sew the same on the other side of the lining.


Sew one side of the lining from zipper to the end. The other side sew from the fold (not the zipper) only to one third of the length. We leave one side open so we could turn the bag inside out. Now we create corners the same way as we did at the upper part. Then turn the bag inside out and put the lining inside the bag.


The opening in the lining can be finished by hand stitching using invisible stitch or at the edge on sewing machine.

And that’s it! The easy clutch bag is done!


I will show how to attach handles for carrying and some variations next time.